Celebrating 30 Years - Compudyne


Do you remember a time before you could find a computer in pretty much every home or office? A time when the computer itself was larger than a microwave oven? When Internet access wasn’t instantaneous – and was accompanied by a dial tone? This lovely sound?

That’s when Compudyne was born. Thirty years ago.

Nobody could have predicted that Hibbing, Minnesota would become a hub for computer technology, but entrepreneur Thomas Vidovic saw things differently. He recognized the transformative power of the personal computer, and the potential impact computers could have on the region’s business sector. With little more than an idea and a love for computers, Vidovic partnered with Mark Baron to found Computer Access Services, which quickly changed to Compudyne – “compu” for computer, and the Greek suffix “dyne” which translates to power.

Compudyne, bringing extraordinary computer power to the region through product sales, building services and repair services.

Three decades later, we hold the same values – but our offering has become more sophisticated and our region is a little bigger. We started with one office and a handful of employees in Hibbing, but when demand for technology grew, we expanded to Duluth and St. Paul, Minnesota, and finally to Marquette and Houghton, Michigan.

Tom and Mark sat down to reflect on 30 years of incredible growth and change.



They set the foundation in God, family and work, and with the same founding principles Compudyne is now positioned to serve more customers than ever before. We believe that technology should grow based on a client’s own terms. It should make a company more productive. It should connect teams without fail. It should be safe and secure. And it should come from a partner you trust.


Growth in 2019 and Beyond

We’re incredibly proud of our history. It propels us forward while grounding us back to the reason we do what we do. For us, it’s about helping our clients achieve their dreams.

We’re moving forward and setting our ambitions high – with goals to expand into new markets, grow our talented team and provide our customers with the technology and services they need for growth and success.

While our roots lie in northern Minnesota (and they always will), our St. Paul office has become our hub. Because we’re seeing such tremendous growth in the Twin Cities market, we’re moving on up! Literally. We love our Lowertown office space and couldn’t bear to move when things started to get a little cramped as we grew. So, we kept our space on the second floor and looked up for expansion.

We are excited to announce that we are the proud new residents of an additional floor in the Railroader Printer building, overlooking the lovely Mears Park.

In this new space, we’re able to stretch our legs a bit. We have more space to host clients, and we’ve built out additional work and collaboration spaces for our growing team and guests that like to stop by and say hi, or work for a few hours.

It’s looking to be a productive and fun year at Compudyne, full of expanded service offerings, strengthened client relationships and growth for our incredibly talented team.


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