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Introducing Compudyne Security Services

We ensure your company can withstand any IT security threat.

At Compudyne, we continuously evaluate how to best meet the technology needs of our clients. We have recognized that data confidentiality, integrity and availability are under attack more than ever. An event compromising any of these three areas can spark outcomes ranging from minor annoyances to major disasters.

Information security has always been top-of-mind for any of our four pillars: Professional, Managed, Cloud and Network Services. And we’ve never had a dedicated set of resources intent on addressing IT security for our clients…until now. We now provide specific security-focused services for your business.

Meet Our Team

To launch this new service pillar, we pulled in our best IT security experts to serve as dedicated resources to tackle your concerns – and they have a full bench of security strength behind them.

We’d like you to meet Grant Burns and Adam Torgerson.

Grant Burns, Solutions Architect

Grant BurnsWe’re fortunate to have Grant Burns on our team as a solutions architect. Grant has been with the company for 5 years, and he’s based out of our St. Paul office. With more than 18 years of experience in IT, he brings in several industry certifications and a deep knowledge base from working with Microsoft VMware, Cisco and CompTIA.

His consulting experience ranges from the banking industry to education, engineering, energy, finance, food, government, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail, transportation and more. He’s also been the past presenter at the Minnesota Government IT Symposium.




Adam Torgerson, Director of Hosted/Cloud Services

Adam TorgersonAdam Torgerson is Compudyne’s director of hosted/cloud services and has been actively involved with all security efforts for the organization over the past 6 years. Originally from Duluth, Adam now works out of our St. Paul office.

With over 24 years in the IT world, and a master’s degree in IT leadership with a focus on Information Security – he has a deep passion for cyber security. Adam’s main focus at Compudyne is oversight of the IT security team and the data center and cloud operations. He also chairs Compudyne’s information security governance team and directed and implemented the company’s information technology security policies.




Within our new Security Services Pillar, we’re offering:

Posture Assessment

When it comes to information security, none of us want to appear vulnerable. Once hackers and cyber criminals sense your organization’s IT security weaknesses, they’ll attack in an instant. Compudyne’s new Posture Assessment tracks and analyzes your security tools and processes, compares them to best practices throughout the industry, and provides thorough recommendations of what you can do to shore up your information security.

Vulnerability Scan

If there’s a vulnerability in one of your network devices, our Vulnerability Scans can find it. This service reviews firewalls, routers, servers, switches and applications to identify your weak spots. You’ve invested in network devices to help your business run smoothly, and it’s our job to ensure they’re safe.

Security and Awareness Training

This interactive service ensures your team is ready to face off against the toughest security threats out there. Cybercriminals know that human interaction is the easiest path to accomplishing malicious tasks. End users, people on your team, can often be persuaded by hackers to click a link, open a file, or supply information. By improving awareness, end users are better able to identify suspicious activity and prevent cybersecurity incidents.

Make sure that your organization is protected at all times with Compudyne’s comprehensive and knowledgeable security team. For more information about our Security Pillar, or to schedule a consultation, please Contact Us any time.

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